2011-11 Meeting Notes | Lake County Car Clubs

2011-11 Meeting Notes

President Tony Barthel called the November meeting to order on November 8, 2011.   Secretary Peggy Barthel read the minutes of the October meeting and asked for omissions or corrections to the minutes. There were none. Neil Dolce moved to approve, Gail seconded.  Minutes approved by vote.

Treasurers Report:  Jim Perry:  nothing new to report.  Car show account balance $2,101.02; Club account #1,682.65 (includes $412 from the Bruno’s Show and Shine which will be donated to the Lakeport Senior Center). Tony announced that he will be presenting the check to the Senior Center tomorrow at 11:00 am and showed us the “big check” that he wrote for the photograph. Neil announced that the first show brought in $411 so we beat it!

Old Business: Jim Perry is accepting payments tonight if you have not yet paid for the Christmas Dinner, which will be held at Zino’s on Tuesday, December 6th at 6:00 pm.  We do have more than 40 people confirmed. Members are asked to bring at least $20 worth of unwrapped gifts for children ages 3 to 10 (boy or girl) in lieu of a member gift exchange this year. Gifts will be donated to Record Bee (if they are collecting this year), or Lake Family Resources, or the charity is open to suggestion.   

New Business:  The bank told Tony that the club needs to file a DBA to continue our checking account.  Jim Perry took the application and will talk to the bank and/or the county; as a non-profit without owners we don’t feel this is necessary.

Sons of Italy in Nice asked if the Club wants to have a car club swap meet.

Tony showed an example of a post card that he proposed having printed so club members can carry them to give to potential members.  Discussion lead to the decision to print both post cards and business cards, as each has value.  Jean Dolce moved that we print both kinds of cards.  Motion was seconded by Gail and a vote was taken; motion passed.  Richard Hernaez asked if there was further discussion to change the club name or logo; the consensus is to leave them as they are. 

Joe Colabella pointed out that the reason people should join the club is that the annual dues pay for insurance for our events.  Non-members who attend events are not covered; however if they are involved in something going wrong, the club will still be sued.  Perhaps non-members should not be allowed at events?  Neil Dolce was nominated by Colin Gilmore (seconded by Bill Constable and passed with a vote) to look at the insurance policy, and Joe will get a copy of the policy for Clear Lake Car Club for Neil to compare.  

Tony asked if everyone had received the email about tonight’s meeting.  Many people did not get the email.  Tony explained that we used a new service that is free and conforms to confidentiality laws; unfortunately some email clients block incoming email as spam.  

Tony drew a name tag for the drawing.  Congratulations to Bob Donelson - your car will be featured on the web site for November.  

Don’t forget that in lieu of a December meeting we will have our Christmas Dinner at Zino’s on December 6th at 6:00 pm.  Meeting was adjourned.