May 12 - Animal Coalition


Join your friends in Lake County for the first of our four show & shines this summer. 

This fun annual event is held at the Moose Lodge in Clearlake and features a variety of awards based on participant judging. 

Of course we'll have some great food and more. 

While there is no cost to participate in this show, we are happy to accept any donations and those go to benefit the Animal Coalition of Lake County

If you'd like to register in advance, you can download and mail in an entry form. Or, save a stamp and bring it by our Friday Night cruises at Carl's Junior in Clearlake. 

Either way, mark your calendar for Saturday May 12 for our car show. 

Location: Moose Lodge; 15900 E Highway 20, Clearlake Oaks, CA

Info: Vic (707) 994-5398

Registration: 8am-10am

Show Hours: 10am-3pm

Update: Show Winners

No Name Club Members in Green

Clearlake Club Members in Red

1900-1934 Stock & Lightly Modified Car-1927 Ford-& Trailer-Ken Lowe

1935-1948"-1937 Ford Bob Ferias-Clearlake

1949-1961"-1956 Buick-John Wilson-Lucerne

1962-present"-1967 Pontiac GTO Don Whaley-Lakeport

1900-1934 Custom Cars & Trucks-Kelly Ayers-1934 Ford-Santa Rosa

1935-1948 "-Ron Westhart-1940 Ford-Kelseyville

1949-Present"-Don Martin-1964 GMC Pickup-Clearlake Oaks

Convertbles -stock or modified-Bob Cramer-1949 Chevrolet-Kelseyville

Two Seater Sports Car-Zella Wemple-1957 Ford Thunderbird-Lakeport

Full Custom/Wild & Extreme-Joe Colabella-1955 Chev Sedan Delivery-Clk

Pro Built/Concept/Elite Show Car-Yvonne Cov (AKA Snake Lady) 97 Viper

Best of Show-Kelly Ayers-1934 Ford-Santa Rosa

Of the attendees 11 entries came from the No Name Car Club and 19 from the Clearlake Car Club - thank you to one and all!!

Created by Anthony Barthel - Hosted by the Curbside Car Show Calendar